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Game ever present on Facebook

Game ever present on Facebook

Games that have ever been present on Facebook are very exciting and interesting. Since Facebook came along, there have been lots of people playing while accessing data on Facebook. Not only can it be used to send messages and do business. Facebook also has some fun and interesting games. Since the emergence of smartphones, many children have played games through internet cafes around the house.

A shop that provides internet and computers at that time. What was originally only used to send messages and news has now been replaced with several types of games that have appeared on Facebook. Of course, Facebook users will start to reminisce about returning with several games that were once present on Facebook.

Maybe you guys will remember going back to games on Facebook like:

Ninja Saga – Mywifiext-local
Ninja saga is a game that has been developed in several online media. One of the other media, such as Facebook, has contributed to the development of the Ninja Saga. To be able to play Ninja Saga, you can use Facebook as an opening medium. Only by pressing the game, you can play. Choose the ninja moves that you master and beat your enemies until they are K.O. even though it looks old but the ninja saga game can adjust the type of game.

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car town

Car town is a game that has accompanied you for a long time. In the game, you can change the car model you want. Not only change cars, but you can also build a garage to store your car.

Pet Society

Prepare some steps in caring for animals. Take the time to take your pet for a walk too. Let’s decorate the house and place where your favorite animal lives in the game pet society. The game is ever-present and entertains us all.

dragon city

Get into the game and build a dragon city. Choose the type of dragon you want and then select the egg. Take care of the egg until it becomes a big dragon. Don’t forget to train dragons so they can win against evil dragons.