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5 Games that can be played together with friends and girlfriend

5 Games that can be played together with friends and girlfriend

Hi friends, every time you have free time, of course, you will use it to play, right? The type of game that can make your boredom disappear. But what if you keep playing and don’t remember the time? Of course, some friends and girlfriends will be disappointed because you only care about playing. To get rid of boredom, 5 games thst can be played together with friends and girlfriend.

Spending time with them gives you many moments that you will never forget. The sense of intimacy will continue to be intertwined and connected like family. Of course, to be able to make all these dreams come true, you can choose a game that can be played by two or more people.

Since the emergence of many exciting games, many game makers have tried to create new variations. A game that can be played by two or more people.

For that, let’s look for games that are suitable for friends and girlfriends such as:

  • Game Together Mywifiext-local
    Together a game made in the country of South Korea [South Korea]. The essence of this game is that gamers will enter a very fun island. Travel around the city and also get to enjoy camping time with friends. The most interesting thing about this game is that gamers can enter the place of other players. Visit to be a guest.
  • Hide Online
    If you want to survive and escape, let’s hide from the gun-bearers. Enter the game hide online and choose the available team. There are two teams in this game and gamers have to choose whether they want to be the seeker or hide.
    The most fun thing in this online hide game is that gamers who choose to hide can turn into various items. With these changes, the search team will have a hard time finding you. But it’s a different story if you become the seeker. You will be given weapons and use these weapons to find the hidden team.
enjoy time//Hide online


  • Stumble guys
    Stumble guys who have a knock-out battle game theme. To be able to win this game, gamers must successfully pass several obstacles in the game. Pass all the obstacles and keep running to the finish. There are 3 obstacles available in the game and they are all different.
  • PK XD
    PK XD has almost the same level of play as the game together. Both can visit other places to play and can also go around the city. PK XD also has several types of mini-games that gamers can play at any time.
  • Granny house
    A game that offers an exciting place to play together with beautiful and cute grandmothers. But in the granny house game, you will find things that are different from what you think. When entering this game gamers will be asked to choose a team. 2 teams being a grandma or a grandson team. The essence of this game is a child trapped in grandma’s house. A grandmother who likes to bring children in and imprison them. To escape from them the children must be able to find 3 keys and 3 items. While looking for items the players will be given time. When the time runs out then the opportunity to go out and win is lost.