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The location of the Planting Shopee Backpack

The location of the Planting Shopee Backpack

Can you find the location of the planting backpack in the Shopee? For those of you who often play Shopee, maybe you won’t be confused anymore when you are asked to look for a backpack. For those of you who love the Shopee game, of course, it will be easy to say where the available features are located. But why should you know?

Of course, you have to know where the backpack is so you don’t get confused when playing it. By knowing where your backpack is, you will also get many opportunities to get as many points as possible. To get an opportunity, you often forget to water your plants.


Mywifiext-local – Of course, for you, planting at the Shopee doesn’t give you much profit. But all of these opinions are wrong. By planting Shopee you will get the type of plant you want. There are planting shopping vouchers, getting gold, coins, and much more. if you are lucky you can also get countless shopping money from Shopee.

When you start playing the Shopee planting game, of course, the contents of your backpack won’t be there right away. It takes time and a long process to be able to get a backpack filled by Shopee. The Shopee backpack is located at the top left of number 2. The one that says shop. When you enter the shop, what comes out is selling water to water the Shopee plants.

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So you see in the store section there is my writing. When it’s just starting, the backpack hasn’t been filled, it’s still empty. But after playing a lot, you will get several types of prizes given by the planting shop.

The contents of the backpack at the planting shop are:

Gallons of water b
Speed ​​up the planting process by using a lot of water.
Star stick
If you want to change plants, you can use a star stick
Water kettle b
Using a water kettle will speed up the water content.
gallon water k
You can use a small amount of water.

You can get each of these free water planting features when you manage to get prizes from Shopee and friends. Inside can only hold a maximum of 3 items in each free water feature. So if you get more, you use it first, the one that is given is newer, then you can claim it.