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The first game in the world

The first game in the world

The first game in the world has the type of game that has been popular and liked by many people. Some do not know that this first game managed to captivate and make some addicted to the type of game. The presence of this game has the aim of entertaining the players and eliminating boredom.

In the past, to play games, we had to go to a game cafe and spend time there. But since the advent of sophisticated technology, you can play anywhere and anytime. A device that can store a lot of games without having to leave the house. There are several types of games that can be played on all devices and some are only on some devices.

First game

Mywifiext-local – The games that were originally present through machines were replaced by PS, computers, laptops, to mobile phones. Who would have thought that initially there were only a few games that were present in the community? Now it has reached thousands and even billions of games spread all over the world. When we discuss the game of course there will be no end.

Almost the whole world loves games. Both online games and offline games. Of course, you’ve heard about the first game in the world. Before other games were present, there were already several games that were world-famous and popular in the heyday of the game. Of course, you are curious and want to know the type of game that has succeeded in this world, isn’t it?

Here are the names of the games

space war
The space war game was born in the year One thousand nine hundred and sixty-three. This game designed by Steve Russells and some of his friends has interesting advantages. The advantage of this Spacewar game is that it can be played by two people. The players who heard it were very happy. Because they no longer need to play individually.

This Spacewar game can only be played via computer devices.
  • Tennis for two
    Is a game that is played using a game console. As the title suggests, this game has unique gameplay. Game made for 2 players. The first game comes with a simple type. pong
    Pong is a table tennis game. It’s not just about attracting attention. You can play this game with one or two people. Using high concentration to be able to win the game.

Galaxy games

present and popular//Galaxy

Want to fly and feel the rise to outer space? Game galaxy is a game with the theme of fighter planes to fight enemies in space.