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Game ever present on Facebook

Game ever present on Facebook

Games that have ever been present on Facebook are very exciting and interesting. Since Facebook came along, there have been lots of people playing while accessing data on Facebook. Not only can it be used to send messages and do business. Facebook also has some fun and interesting games. Since the emergence of smartphones, many children have played games through internet cafes around the house.

A shop that provides internet and computers at that time. What was originally only used to send messages and news has now been replaced with several types of games that have appeared on Facebook. Of course, Facebook users will start to reminisce about returning with several games that were once present on Facebook.

Maybe you guys will remember going back to games on Facebook like:

Ninja Saga – Mywifiext-local
Ninja saga is a game that has been developed in several online media. One of the other media, such as Facebook, has contributed to the development of the Ninja Saga. To be able to play Ninja Saga, you can use Facebook as an opening medium. Only by pressing the game, you can play. Choose the ninja moves that you master and beat your enemies until they are K.O. even though it looks old but the ninja saga game can adjust the type of game.

exciting and fun//games

car town

Car town is a game that has accompanied you for a long time. In the game, you can change the car model you want. Not only change cars, but you can also build a garage to store your car.

Pet Society

Prepare some steps in caring for animals. Take the time to take your pet for a walk too. Let’s decorate the house and place where your favorite animal lives in the game pet society. The game is ever-present and entertains us all.

dragon city

Get into the game and build a dragon city. Choose the type of dragon you want and then select the egg. Take care of the egg until it becomes a big dragon. Don’t forget to train dragons so they can win against evil dragons.

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Game Hago

Game Hago

Game Hago is one of the most used applications by many people. When Hago was first present, many still doubted and didn’t want to play it. Many think that the gameHago is a game for children. The unique and funny form of the game gives the impression that the HagoGame cannot be played by men. Mywifiext-local

Gradually the game Hago began to be known to many people. To play the gameHago you have to prepare enough internet. No need to bother looking for gameHago. Enter the google play store and type Hago then the Hago application will appear and you can download the Hagogame.

Play online

Mywifiext-local – Game Hago is a game that can be played using a smartphone. Of course, those who have never had the gameHago will not know how exciting the game from Hago is. The Hagogame is not just one game, there are many types of games that you can play via your smartphone.

It’s just that this HagoGame can’t be played offline, it can only be played online. In the gameHago, you can also make new friends. What does that mean? Maybe you don’t know that the Hago game can help you get new acquaintances or new friends.

Get random opponents

earn money//Get random playmates

Every time you play the game online, you will of course get an online opponent. For example, if you are a woman, then in your game the opponent is a man. In finding opponents, the game is done randomly through online Hago games. No need to be confused when playing the gameHago. Because the gameHago doesn’t make your device feel heavy.

You can also connect Facebook with the gameHago. Game Hago itself looks like a social media application. We can find friends through the menu and also add friends. Games that don’t take up a lot of storage so your phone won’t run out of storage space when you have it.

In playing the gameHago make sure your internet is stable. Because if you don’t, you can immediately be declared defeated by the Hago game.

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Latest games from google search

Latest games from google search

If you get a question that you can’t understand, you can immediately ask Google. Google is an application that helps us. If you want to find information around the world, you can google it. In addition, it turns out that Google also provides some exciting games. The latest games from Google are very many. Latest games from google search

Many people do not know that Google has a hidden place. A place that contains a lot of games that you can play. You can play this game without using any data. It’s just because they don’t know how so many people play games using the internet.

Google offline games

Mywifiext-local – To open offline games, you can play them when you are not using the internet. Did you know that when you open Google without using the internet, a dinosaur image will appear? Turns out the game is a dinosaur. Surprisingly, what we thought was a sign that there was no internet turned out to be a game.

Even so, you are still curious about the latest games available on Google, aren’t you? The following types of games from Google are:


The solitaire game has been popular for quite a long time. The game that once managed to attract many players has been redeveloped by Google. Therefore, when you play it, don’t be too surprised by the shape of the solitaire game. You can also set the level of the game you want.

Snake game

The game is already familiar, of course, for those of you who have played it. Snake game is a game that was once popular on one of the old mobile devices, namely the Nokia. How to play it is not difficult. Those of you who have entered Google can directly select it in the search. Don’t forget to press search directly and you can already play the snake game.

PacMan//easy through search

Those who have seen the PacMan game are certainly familiar with those of you who like to play arcade games, right? This once-popular game is now back on google search. You also don’t have to worry about how to play it. Because the system to play it is still the same as the previous game.

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The first game in the world

The first game in the world

The first game in the world has the type of game that has been popular and liked by many people. Some do not know that this first game managed to captivate and make some addicted to the type of game. The presence of this game has the aim of entertaining the players and eliminating boredom.

In the past, to play games, we had to go to a game cafe and spend time there. But since the advent of sophisticated technology, you can play anywhere and anytime. A device that can store a lot of games without having to leave the house. There are several types of games that can be played on all devices and some are only on some devices.

First game

Mywifiext-local – The games that were originally present through machines were replaced by PS, computers, laptops, to mobile phones. Who would have thought that initially there were only a few games that were present in the community? Now it has reached thousands and even billions of games spread all over the world. When we discuss the game of course there will be no end.

Almost the whole world loves games. Both online games and offline games. Of course, you’ve heard about the first game in the world. Before other games were present, there were already several games that were world-famous and popular in the heyday of the game. Of course, you are curious and want to know the type of game that has succeeded in this world, isn’t it?

Here are the names of the games

space war
The space war game was born in the year One thousand nine hundred and sixty-three. This game designed by Steve Russells and some of his friends has interesting advantages. The advantage of this Spacewar game is that it can be played by two people. The players who heard it were very happy. Because they no longer need to play individually.

This Spacewar game can only be played via computer devices.
  • Tennis for two
    Is a game that is played using a game console. As the title suggests, this game has unique gameplay. Game made for 2 players. The first game comes with a simple type. pong
    Pong is a table tennis game. It’s not just about attracting attention. You can play this game with one or two people. Using high concentration to be able to win the game.

Galaxy games

present and popular//Galaxy

Want to fly and feel the rise to outer space? Game galaxy is a game with the theme of fighter planes to fight enemies in space.

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Play games without data

Play games without data

Playing games without data can save us money and we don’t have to spend a lot of money anymore. Since the presence of games on Android, a lot of people have downloaded games. The types of games available are quite unique and diverse. Not only adults like games, but even small children also like the games available on the Google Play Store.

When we go far away from the internet, of course, it makes us restless and can’t think long. To get rid of boredom and boredom, of course, we eliminate it by using various types of activities. One of them can also play games. When there is no internet signal, we cannot access the game. This of course makes us more bored.

Now there are many types of games that do not need to use data but can be played as much as they want. With this, parents can also calmly watch their children play without having to pay internet fees.

Don’t be children, adults can also enjoy available games such as: [ Mywifiext-local]

Minions rush
Pocket city free
Beach buggy racing
Neko Atsume and many more types

To enjoy games without data, you can download the game through the Google Play Store. The download process is not long and it only takes a few minutes for the game without data to be installed on your cellphone screen.

How to know a downloaded game is not using data?

To find out if the game uses data or not, you can read the game’s terms and conditions. The way to find out is very easy. We choose the type of game we want to play. After selecting we will of course enter the home game settings. It contains several types of user ratings and game reviews. Before downloading you can read the specifications listed in the text next to the download.

Games//save data

There will explain what devices must get permission. Right one of the posts will explain that this game can be played online and offline or offline. With this information, we will confidently accuse him of not.

game game online Online game

Online game

Online game

Online games are games that are played using the internet or quota. To play online games, you don’t need to go far anymore because online games can now be accessed using sophisticated devices such as smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets. The presence of online games makes it easy for game lovers to play with unlimited time.

The reason online games can start to exist is that they are triggered by sophisticated and powerful devices. Development continues to advance and year after year continues to change, making scientists continue to seek and develop the technology. At first, online games began to be played with large computer devices which at that time could only make 2 people play the game.

The presence of online games

Mywifiext-local – Knowing that many like to play computer games, the professors developed sophisticated and powerful computers. The presence of a more powerful computer version makes online games on the computer can be played by more than two people. The interest of online game lovers is increasing when they find out that online games can be accessed via cell phones.

Maybe those who have played online games on computers in the past have wartime versions and gunfire. But in versions that have been developed with more sophisticated online games, there are many versions of exciting and interesting games. From the unique shape of the image and the very harmonious color combination, many people download online games.

Play with great devices

Since the pandemic, there are many people who cannot leave the house to play games and meet many people. Experiencing quite heavy boredom can not do anything. However, online games are a cure for boredom. Many online gaming sites that we can find on the website.

Various types of games available//online

Various sites with various games. Online games also provide a lot of fun for gamers. To play online games, you can do 2 different devices at the same time. With these devices, gamers can play quickly.

Games make money

Playing online via smartphones also makes it easier for gamers. The picture is also clear, and every step of the game is clear even when playing games via smartphones. To search for online games, players can search for them through the browser and google play. The various types of games available are very interesting and also provide exciting wins.

Online games can also give gamers money. Games that can be played in groups and individually. To be able to earn money, gamers usually enter their games into social media accounts. The more types of games that can be reviewed, the closer the chance to get money.

Play group games

Group games will also give you a lot of money. Since the presence of online games, game companies have always held group competitions. Games that use high concentration and sufficient funds to play them. Collect items of high value to be able to defeat the enemy and win to get points and trophies.

Many say playing online games can take up a lot of time. That’s true because with a lot of time the players have the opportunity to learn the game to be able to win the game and earn money. No need to hesitate to play online games. There are many interesting games that can be downloaded and played via mobile phones.

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Offline and online games

Offline and online games

Offline and online games are games that are played freely by anyone. But offline games are types of games that do not use a computer and are played online using quotas or the internet. Almost all the games in 2022 are more often on mobile, laptop, and computer screens. So many children no longer remember offline games but only know online games.

Comparison of online and offline games has quite a lot of comparisons. The modern era has made many children today not know offline games anymore. When you hear the title of an offline game, of course, many think that the game is played based on the games on your cellphone.

Memories of playing games

Mywifiext-local – But here we will explain that offline games are games that are not connected to the internet, quota, and some software such as laptops, computers, and cellphones. Games that are possible for children are now unknown but still give a lot of sweet memories, don’t cost a lot and are cheap.

As for online games, it gives the impression of being sophisticated and advanced. All games of any kind can be searched and played easily. Only with quota and internet capital, we can easily get any game. Playing online then prepares a lot of money to buy quota and internet.


Surely many are confused about what games are played online and offline. Offline and online games might make us more excited.

  • Kreweng
  • Water games
  • Game bots
  • Bamboo cannon
  • Tazos
  • Tamiya
  • Disassembly paper
  • Marbles
  • Football
  • Jump rope
  • Tamagochi
  • Nintendo

Playstation and many more types of games that are played offline.
Offline games have been worldwide having made many children addicted and trending in many circles. Games that have been booming and become the talk of many people.

can play freely//Online VS Ofline
– Online game

Many types of online games are available to make children feel at home playing. Only by pressing the application from the cellphone can make us choose the type of exciting game. There are many types of games that can provide a good education for children. Games that are also not only children but adults can also play it.

If playing games is still not enough, then we will also find exciting application games such as pressing play store and selecting the game. You can also play games on social media which allows you to earn money when you win the game. You can also play online with friends and form a game group. Playing online can also be done in groups even though they don’t know each other.

The negative and positive sides of online and offline
Positive online
  • The positive side is that children know the sophistication of electronics
  • I don’t know
  • Modern
  • Know how to apply
    Negative online
  • Game addiction
  • Can damage the eyes
  • No time to meet friends and family
  • Being lazy to study
  • Does not look at the time when playing
    Positive offline
  • Can play with friends
  • Feel the joy and excitement of his childhood
  • Know how to operate the game manually
  • Have happy moments with childhood friends
    Negative offline
  • Don’t see the time when playing with friends
  • Likes to go out of the house
  • Forgetting the time
  • Likes to go far
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Game accessories

Game accessories

Game Accessories become one of the pleasures for gamers. When you get a new device, gamers will certainly mark it as yours. There is also the type of person who changes the color of the device to his favorite color. Sometimes playing with a new device will make us even more sad that we don’t want the device to be damaged.

Not only women who like to buy beautiful and sweet accessories. But gamers also love cool accessories that can make their devices look great and challenging. The cost for game accessories can be said to be a bit expensive. Judging from the shape of the product and its quality.

Essential equipment

Mywifiext-local – The sense of comfort that can be obtained when using it is even more different from the old one. If a gamer gets a lot of enthusiasm and comfort it will usually decorate their goods. Not only decorating, gamers also choose equipment that they think is comfortable and can be used well.

Game accessories are one of the most important things in the lives of gamers. Moreover, professional gamers also definitely need accessories for their devices. Not only as a convenient tool but also as a tool to mature the appearance of gamers. With sophisticated equipment, and cool can be a sign of supporting a cool future.

It may seem trivial but actually this is very important for gamers. To be able to get good accessories sometimes gamers have to successfully improve their abilities in order to get the best product. A gamer will make his computer device look great and cool with cool accessories too.

Curious what accessories make gamers look cool, namely:

Help complete gamers//Game

– Gaming keyboard

Is the most important tool for gamers. When gamers play with computers, gamers can get ready to prepare a keyboard. Inside the keyboard there are buttons to adjust and speed up the game process. Steps become easy and enemies can be defeated quickly. If gamers often play games, gamers will often use the keyboard. There are many types of gaming keyboards so gamers can choose according to their wishes.

– Mouse

The mouse has many variants from using a cable to using only Bluetooth. It’s just that gamers can’t use a regular mouse to play games. Must use a special mouse to play.

– Mousepad

There are many types of mouse pads and if you are a gamer then choose the one that makes you comfortable while playing. You don’t need the uniqueness of the mouse pad, which is important for comfort when playing.

– Headset

Looking for a good listening device so you can hear the team’s voice in the game. Headsets for gamers usually come with a microphone so gamers don’t have to bother talking loudly with their team.

– Gaming chair

Gamers always spend their time in front of the monitor screen. Always sit in the gamer’s oversized chair. The chair is the sign that most helps gamers feel comfortable and at home. No pain when sitting for a long time.

– Flight joystick

Tools that are commonly used when playing airplane games. With this tool, gamers feel like playing a real game, feeling the vibrations when flying an airplane.

From the details of the tool, gamers can get comfortable in using it, what else when playing games? there are many other types of accessories that gamers can know and have. Complete equipment can help gamers play fast and get convenience in playing games.

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year – Playngo

The Chinese New Year online slot will provide an exciting round of games. In this game the bettor will be given an unexpected blessing. The Chinese New Year online slot provides 3 rows followed by 5 reels and there are 15 ways. In the Chinese New Year slot, the bettor will reach the payment value from anywhere so that the bettor will be better at achieving the payment value.

The chinese new year slot will be the theme of the game round. So the symbols that will play in this slot are the animals selected in the zodiac. Apart from that, the Chinese New Year slot will provide a background with a Chinese feel. Seen there are several lanterns installed in the game.

Free Spins

Mywifiext-local – With 3 scatter symbols triggering free spins. The scatter symbol in the game is the monkey symbol. By entering the free spins round, the bettor will meet the spinning wheel. On the spinning wheel there are 8 animal symbols to choose from. The animal symbol triggers a number of free spins. And interestingly again the selected animal symbol will be the ambassador of the game round. So the symbol that triggers the payout value will cause all reels to become symbols of the chosen one. The presence of free spins will give bettors the opportunity to enjoy the value of symbol payouts.


The presence of 3 bonus symbols triggers a game round that causes a fireworks display. In this game there will be 5 fireworks symbols that will appear in the game so that bettors will easily get the payment value. Successfully getting a bonus can make gamers win

chance 2 times//firework
Payment value

Playing Chinese New Year games will provide the best payout value with high value.

  • Rats present in numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 will get coins: 5, 50, 200, and 1,000
  • Buffalo is in the slot if it appears with 2, 3, 4, and 5 symbols triggering values ​​3, 30, 150 and 750.
  • Rabbit and snake both symbols that have the same symbol value as 2, 3, 4, and 5 get the value of 2, 20, 100 and 500.
  • Horses and goats in slots with 3,4, and 5 symbols trigger values ​​of 5, 30 and 150.
  • Chicken, dog, pig symbols are three animals that have the same value 3, 4, and 5 : 5, 20 and 100.
  • The wild symbol is a tiger symbol. If there are 2 wild symbols it will give a value of 10, 3 = 100, 4 = 1000 and 5 = 5000. The wild that appears will replace any symbol in achieving the payout value except the bonus symbols, free spins and scatters.
  • The Bonus symbol is a dragon symbol. The presence of a bonus symbol triggers a bonus round. The bonus round will give the chance of winning up to 150x of the total bet.
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Book of Kingdoms

Book of Kingdoms – pragmatic Play

Book of Kingdoms Online Slot is an online slot that has a game level that is not difficult to get a payout value. The game features provided by the Book of Kingdoms slot are basic games, bonus rounds and free spins. Bettors who play this game will definitely reach their winning value very easily. Only with 25 ways, betttor will speed up the payment value.

In the Book of Kingdoms slot, the bettor will be given an RTP value of 96.69%. there is nothing wrong if the bettor will play this game anywhere. Because making bets via Android or laptop, bettors will do it easily.

In this online slot game, the bettor will be invited to a special game through an ancient book. During this round of the game, the bettor will feel a lot of wins and continuous ease.

Payment value

  • Men wearing suits have 3 symbols with a value of 2, 4 = 20 and 5 = 40.
  • The man who wears a hat decorated with feathers has 3 symbols with a value of 1.6, 4 = 12 and 5 = 32. Mywifiext-local
  • A beautiful woman has 3 symbols with a value of 1.2, 4 = 8 and 5 = 24.
  • The monkey symbol has 3 symbols with a value of 0.8, 4 = 4 and 5 = 16.
  • Symbol A there are 3 symbols with values ​​0.8, 4 = 1.6 and 5 = 4.
  • The K symbol has 3 symbols with a value of .8, 4 = 1.6 and 5 = 4.
  • The Q symbol has 3 symbols with a value of .8, 4 = 1.6 and 5 = 4.
  • The J symbol has 3 symbols with a value of .8, 4 = 1.6 and 5 = 4.
  • Symbol 10 has 3 symbols with values ​​.8, 4 = 1.6 and 5 = 4.
  • The book symbol is a wild symbol. In this game the bettor will be able to replace the wild anywhere, except for the silver metal chip symbol. This wild will be the bonus symbol. With 3 bonuses, it will give free spins. If this symbol becomes a bonus symbol, a payout value will be given. If there are 3 bonus symbols it will be given a value of 1x the bet, while there are 4 bonus symbols it will be given 20x the bet.

Trigger free spins

The silver metal symbol in the game will trigger free spins. In free spins there will be payout values ​​such as mega jackpot, major and minor. Each jackpot value will give a different value. with 30x minor and 100x major. And Mega Jackpot has a value of 1000x of the total bet. This symbol can appear in the base game.

silver metal brings free spins//victory
Free Spins

To get free spins the bettor must be able to get a book symbol with a total of 3 books = 5 free spins. When the free spins run, a helper will appear automatically. This symbol will appear and expand the reels in the event of a payout. Successfully getting 5 silver metal symbols will allow gamers to enter the free spins and gamers will enter a new game.

Bonus round

In the Book of Kingdoms game the bettor will enter the bonus round if a silver metal symbol appears on the spin. This will make the bettor enter a different stage of the game. when 1 symbol appears, it will give the bettor the opportunity to play 3 times and get the payout value. In this game the bettor will get the payment value anywhere and the chances of winning in this game will be even easier.